China is the world’s largest garment manufacturing factory, and Guangzhou is China’s largest garment manufacturing factory, so it is no exaggeration to say that Guangzhou is the world’s largest clothing manufacturing and distribution center.

And new people in clothing stores and online stores, in which clothing market in Guangzhou can find the clothing style that suits their storefront positioning? Below are some information for your reference.

Middle & High Grade Women Clothing

The BaiMa (white horse) clothing market next to Guangzhou Railway Station is the best. There is nothing to compliant about the style and quality of the clothing, whether it is the Korean version or the young luxury women’s clothing, each floor and each stall there can make you suprised. Of course, the price of this market is also “ surprised “, the whole package price is often almost equivalent to the retail price of a physical store.

There are many other clothing wholesale markets near Guangzhou Railway Station, but it is not recommended, because many of the goods in the market are low-end goods that have been transferred from Shahe market and The thirteen-hong market. For example, a 10 yuan T-shirt from Shahe market can be sold at 30-50 yuan or even more, it would be meaningless to take these goods back and sell them!

If you are planning to operate a physical store, and have requirements for style and quality, then choose The thirteen-hong market, the price is higher than the Shahe.

The goods on the 1-3rd floor of The thirteen-hong market are not much different from the Shahe. The 3rd floor and above are the essence part of The thirteen-hong market and even the essence part of the whole Chinese clothing. Many stalls of Baima come here to get the goods to their wholesale shops.

For low Grade Women Clothing

The Shahe market is the best choice, where the clothing is generally cheap, fabric work can only say not bad, after all, the price is not high.

Men clothing

Above wholesale markets are more for women’s styles. If you want to take men’s clothes, you’d go to the Guangzhou Railway Station West. It is a trendy clothing distribution center.  many trendy shirts are from here. Many clothing wholesale stalls here have their own factories, and the quality is mid-range. Most of the domestic men’s goods are sourced from here. Located at No. 57, West Station Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Railway Station West (referred to as “Station West” as well) provincial bus station side.


If you are looking for jean supplies, go to Xintang is the best. Xintang International Jean City is the largest denim distribution center and production base in China. More than 3,000 denim garment manufacturers are gathered here, and 60% of the national exportation jean clothes are produced here. The wholesale price of ordinary jeans is between 15 and 80 yuan, mainly depending on the grade and quantity of the goods you are sourcing. Located in Donghua Road, Guangshen Road, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, there is a bus directly to the Xintang Jean City at the Liuhua Station opposite the Guangzhou Railway Station.

Children Clothing

For children’s clothing, find it in Zhongshan 8 Road. It is not just a wholesale market for children clothing, but broadly refers to several markets in Zhongshan 8 Road. They are Nantian Market, R&F Children’s World, and Lihu Building. Each market has its own characteristics. Located at the Zhongshan 8th Road Main Station of Liwan District, take the metro line 5 and go to the Zhongshan 8 Station take exit B.

Low price Stock

For ultra-low-cost stock clothing, do not miss the largest wholesale market of clothing in China, Shijing Guangda, Qingfeng, Jindong three places. Although it is stocks, some goods can be described as “good quality and cheap”. It is said here that the clothing is sold by tons. The stocks of these three markets are all acquired from factories, supermarkets, wholesale markets, customs, physical stores, etc. The prices are somewhat lower than the factory price. When you get the goods, you must pay attention to the fact that some of the stocks are stored for too long, resulting in mildew and smell, and even broken. From Guangzhou Railway Station, take bus No. 228 until the terminal and get off at Jindong. Shijing Guangda and Qingfeng market are not far away.

Other Clothing

Finally, there are some markets that are not mainstream clothing. Fur clothing, you can go to the “Liuhua Fur Fashion Trade City” opposite the Baima market Building, and there is the Zhongda Changjiang Fur City. However, the supply of furs has no advantage in Guangzhou. Zhejiang Haining is the real fur source base.

The wedding dress is in the north of Jiangnan Avenue North in Haizhu District. There is a famous “Wedding Street” to source wedding dresses and also many items related to marriage. The underwear markets is Gaodi Street, Beijing Road South, Yuexiu District. The whole street is for wholesale underwear.

Foreign trade clothing is in the market of Liuhuadi Avenue, which is the ground floor of the Liuhua provincial bus station. Most of the stalls are factories and trading with foreign orders. Looking for sweaters, go to Dongguan Dalang, located in Fumin Avenue, Dalang Town.

The above information includes most of the Guangzhou clothing wholesale markets. If you have plans to come to Guangzhou for clothing purchase, you may wish to follow the above list and you may find a suitable supplier.