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We Stand at the Forefront of the Field in Product Sourcing Development and Production in China.

Our expertise lies in the challenge of acquiring products from China into a seamless process, offering innovative supply chain tailored for emerging small and medium enterprises.

Is your enterprise seeking to delegate production overseas while upholding both quality and affordability?

We are committed to assisting you in procuring top-notch products and establishing a flexible and robust supply chain, all without the accompanying difficulties, inflated expenses, or avoidable uncertainties.

Innovation Unleashed

AxeSourcing leads in product development and manufacturing, driven by our “factory-direct” approach that never compromises quality.


Our global presence, resources, and expertise ensure the delivery of top-notch products and services. This forms the foundation of our commitment to excellence.

Worldwide Insights

Our team has a profound understanding of Chinese business which guides us in finding ideal manufacturing solutions within our vast partner network.


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Services and Competencies

Product Generation Sourcing & Fabrication

From idea to reality, we excel in innovative sourcing and flawless production across diverse industries. Our expertise ensures impeccable quality, efficiency, and scalability in manufacturing, be it small batches or large volumes. Every product meets top standards with our rigorous quality assurance.

Graphic Design & 3D Development

In the dynamic business landscape, captivating visuals leave a lasting impact. Our Graphic Design & 3D Development services blend innovation and creativity, transforming your ideas into stunning experiences. Whether you need eye-catching graphics or realistic 3D models, our dedicated team brings your vision to life.

Supply Network & Storage

A robust supply chain is key to success. AxeSourcing streamlines operations, enhances efficiency and offers flexibility for market responsiveness. We handle large quantities for business clients and dispatch items from our depot.

Efficient Transportation & Logistics

Your Success Backbone In today’s fast-paced global trade, we provide reliable transportation and logistics services to ensure safe, on-time product delivery. Our precision and optimization simplify supply chain management, letting you focus on business growth. Services include airlift, air shipment, LCL, and FCL.

200+ Clients are Trusting AxeSourcing

We work with clients from diverse industries worldwide. Hear what they’ve shared about their experiences with us.

I strongly recommend this company for anyone engaged in imports from China. Axesourcing is just professional, reliable, and responsive. I’ve been working with them for a while now and their dedication to quality assurance is top-notch. Every product I’ve sourced through them has exceeded my expectations, making my customers happy.

Eric R.

The seamless shipping options provided by this company have been a game-changer for my business. They’ve helped me save on shipping costs while ensuring my products reach their destination on time. They are professional and competent people that care for their client, I have been passing my orders with Sisi. She is just outstanding!

Joseph N.

I’ve been partnering with them for years, and their reliability is unmatched. They always meet deadlines and have never let me down, making them a trusted extension of my business.

Highly recommend for all product sourcing needs!

Anna M.

Their deep understanding of the overseas manufacturing landscape has been invaluable. They guided me through the entire process, helping me make informed decisions and avoid costly pitfalls. I couldn’t be happier with their services. My business relies heavily on the invaluable support of Axesourcing to accomplish what we do.

Thibaut B.

Axe Sourcing: Your Growth Partner

Axe Sourcing is your business extension, fostering growth and scalability. With core expertise in importing goods from China, we provide transparent, cost-effective solutions to businesses globally. We’re your international sourcing partner, simplifying operations for global success.


Our supplier network is continually growing and expanding.

We’re your one-stop solution for sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. Our core expertise through china, ensuring we meet all your needs efficiently and seamlessly.


Head Office:

B1 Xinliwan Garden North Gate                          Haibei Avenue Huangqi Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan Guangdong 528248, China

Phone: +86 135 9054 5035

Whatsapp: +852 135 9054 5035